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28 Mar 2012 

This site was truly a wonder.

In front of Luka staggered a drunken looking Shio. He had just crawled into the hallway through one of the open windows, his clothing torn somewhat – stained with blood. His arms were cut open, bleeding heavily. His eyes glazed over, unfocused. His hair a mess, twigs and a leaf caught in the crudely spiked black strands.

She guessed that he had just gone on a very vicious feeding session. Maybe he visited Yen as well outside and they had a rough sex and cutting moment after the session. Her face lit pink at the dirty thoughts involving her guardian and her.. boyfriend? She didn’t know anymore.

Her body pressed against the wall as Shio wandered closer, it looked like he knew somebody was there. But he was having trouble figuring out whom. The pain from his wounds must have been putting him in a half orgasm state or something.

His feet took him into the room on his right, her room. He took in her scent for only a moment, his half attentive brain, mostly working on instinct now, needing only a few seconds to recognize where he was. She followed cautiously, tiptoeing on the carpet behind the blood crazed boy.

Shio began to lean over her tall dresser, the only thing tall enough for him to rest against without completely bending over. His nails scratched at the wood, his wounds bled over the open drawers and onto her brightly colored carpet. Great, stains.

His slender fingers finally gripped something on top of the dresser. He yanked it off, spilling some art books and doodles of Horo in the nude playing kissy face with Coro and Yen. He squinted at the small pen in his hands before holding it to his sharp teeth and biting down on it – hard.

It cracked and popped. The black ink squirted out and splattered on his face and neck. He swallowed the bitter tasting liquid instantly as it poured into his mouth. His fingers held the pen still as it continued to leak more ink down his arm and into his wounds.

Luka stopped staring like a fish and went to tug on Shio to stop eating her art supplies. That really wasn’t good for him…

Yet she was surprised at his deep pleasured growl at the bitter taste and the pain of the ink slipping under his skin and forming new black and demented tattoo’s.

A single drop of ink hit her bottom lip and she couldn’t help but test it by poking her tongue out and tasting the element.

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28 Mar 2012 
I am a very calm, laid back person I believe, no one can usually shake me.

There was no pleasing my family at this point, they saw me as a creature, a terror, a monster...

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28 Mar 2012 
Yen found himself walking the same path that day after a fight with Luka. An old routine he always had in the old days suddenly began to replay itself. Usually this only happened after he would get into a fight with Kemo – it always got to the point where she was close to tears and she stormed off. He would smirk, victorious, but then force himself up the stairs to his room where he would beat his fists blue until he felt better.

The pleasure only came from the fight, never from the results. He didn’t fully understand why he enjoyed fighting with her. Maybe it was because he had the best view this way. There was no way she could hide when she was truly angry. She wasn’t afraid and she was just as ruthless as he was. She would scream, insult and even take swings at him. It was damn beautiful to him.

The result, however, was not as wonderful. His room was next to hers. He could always hear her sobbing afterward. Maybe she was getting torn apart, but she never seemed to let down. Like every scratch on her wasn’t that deep and in the end made her stronger. Still, it hurt to listen to her.

After she started having problems with one of her boyfriends, Yen let up. Something was killing her now and he didn’t dare say a word. One wrong step and the girl who worked so hard to be perfect would finally shatter.

Now she didn’t seem like the person who stood on his metal plank and shared his pain, let it out in the same way. It also didn’t seem like she accepted it and fought hard anymore.

He wanted to cradle her instead. He didn’t want to lose her completely.

If he got into a fight, with anybody, it would never be her.

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