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28 Mar 2012 
Tossing, turning, money, power. there is only so much sleep one person can get, only so much fake friends one can hire. 

all the money in the world truely cannot buy what is real, what is really wanted. 

I will let you write my days if you offer me pain in more ways. so much time spent staring at the ceiling in soft clothing stitched with lonely threads. 

play your fingers along my body and scream into my ears with your real feelings. purchasing time with life for currency, so yes, this is my addiction, this is my heroine, you, are my drug.
Breathe life into my lungs and revive my soul so I may restore your youth with my electric touch. 
but no one is here...

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28 Mar 2012 
The small ainu with short light blue hair stood with the taller darker blue haired boy in the pathway looking amongst the greens of hokkaido. 
Horo tugged at Coro's shirt gently, "nee nee~ I saw a capitiller~" the tiny one said loudly enough to get his taller brothers attention. 

Coro smiled at Horo, petting his small head gently, "that's right little bro that is a catipiller." Coro turned facing Toro for a moment asking if he could watch the younger brother while Coro seeked out a drink from the drink machine to feed Horo, Toro agree'd picking Horo up and Coro walked off to find a drink machine. 

Horo then saw a leaf that wasn't as green as the others and patted Toro to get his attention, "neenee why is that leaf not so green?" Toro explained that, that leaf had been there for a long time, and somtimes when things are around for long long times they end up looking old then just dissappearing. Horo being the young ainu he was only heard the dissappearing part of that and quickly looked around to try and seek out Coro. 

Toro placed Horo on the ground, "do you want down little one? alright." mistakingly as horo was glancing around looking for coro, toro took his eyes off the little boy to stare at a bat that was precuelerly perched outside the window. 

Horo wandered off as fast as he could to find his older brother Coro, the little boy found himself stumbling down alot and tripping on his little pants as he tried to walk quickly down the pathway, he fell down once more this time the pavement hitting his nose hard, so he cried loudly. after a few moments of crying he felt big hands 
wrap around him and his little body being lifted off the ground swept up into his older brother coro's arms. 
Horo hugged Coro as tight as he could still crying, "where did you go nene?! where did you goo??" 
Coro patted the back of Horo's head and said, "its alright little bro I just went to get a drink" 
Horo looked into his older brothers eyes, "I thought you were gone forever like the brown leaf." 
Coro continued patting his younger brothers head and sighed, "Oh, I get it, well you know little bro, the leaf may turn brown and leave for a while but it comes back as a new green leaf." he said taking horo to the window and pointing outside to a patch of newly growing leaves, "even when I do go away one day I promise it will never be forever, I want you to remember this place little brother. 

Horo blinked at coro, "why nene?" 

"because I will return here as a leaf when I go away and you can always come here and find me when I seem to be gone, I promise you, even when I appear to be gone, I will never truely be gone, and you will never be alone Horo~" Coro's soft voice explained calmly and relaxed the younger boy. 
Horo dried his tears and fell asleep on his brothers shoulder, "I promise I will find you when you go~" 

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28 Mar 2012 

He had what was needed, that fresh, mouthwatering, dripping, drolling, splattering, delicious blood. Shio gripped onto the insides of his pockets approaching the short black haired boy yet again for not only a taste but to fill the void in his stomach, "Need to be fed?" the boy asked shooting his eyes directly into the hungry blood red eyes that stared at him with starvation and desperation. 

Shio didn't wait any longer for Yen to aprove his desire, instead he bit harshly breaking the smaller boy's skin with his sharp teeth, a moan of content and desire escaped shio's lips and then escaped Yen's shortly after. 

Once shio was good and full of Yens sweet tasting blood he licked the arm harshly, not only as somewhat of a reward but also to surge desire through both of their vains. 

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